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Mission Statement

The school counselor will collaborate with school and community members to deliver a
comprehensive developmental school counseling program that will provide a safe and supportive environment in which all students are encouraged to achieve their full academic, career, and social/emotional potential.

Counseling Goals

The school counselor will:

  • develop and implement a school counseling program based on the academic, career, and social/emotional needs of the students.
  • promote academic success and attainment of study skills.
  • assist students in developing an understanding and respect of self and others.
  • provide career development opportunities for students.
  • provide individual counseling to assist students.
  • uphold the standards and ethics of the counseling profession (American School Counseling Association and American Counseling Association).

Expected Student Outcomes

Students will:

  • develop an understanding and appreciation of themselves and others.
  • demonstrate the ability to effectively use strategies to achieve study and work skills. 
  • demonstrate an awareness of their unique personal skills, abilities, interests, value and personality traits, and how these influence career paths.

Counseling Activities

Individual Counseling 

  • Career and Academic Counseling
  • Scheduling
  • Social and Behavioral Assistance
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Conflict Resolution

Group Counseling

  • Academic Skills
  • Social and Behavioral Skills
  • Other 

Classroom Presentations

Topics may include: harassment, bullying, grief, career awareness/exploration, conflict resolution, academic skill support, test taking/study skills, substance use education, and multicultural awareness.

  • Career Exploration/Next Step Plans (8th Grade Students)
    • This includes meeting w/students to go over NSP
  • Registration for High School/Middle School
  • Coordinate w/high school counselors for 8th Graders moving to HS
  • Coordinate w/elementary school counselors for 5th Graders moving to
  • Group registration for current 6th and 7th graders for next school year
A list of community counseling resources will be provided to parents for counseling concerns that cannot be addressed within the constraints of the school counseling setting.

    Important 8th Grade Links

8th Grade - What do I need to know about getting my first job?

This link will take to the Family Connections site in Naviance.  Family Connections assists in managing the college and career exploration process. Students are able to complete personality and career inventories, build resumes and utilize PrepMe which is an ACT preparation tool. Naviance also allows students to complete their Next Step Plan to identify courses they plan on taking throughout their High School career.  

Naviance Log in Directions for Parents
Video Link to directions. You may need to download the video to view it.  To download the video go to the upper righthand corner of the page and click on the down arrow. 

RRPS Policy on Bullying/Harassment
This link will take you to the RRPS Board of Education policy regarding bullying and harassment. Included are the definition of bullying and steps you can take if your child is experiencing bullying.

RRPS Policy on Sexual Harassment
This link will take you to the RRPS Board of Education policy on Sexual Harassment. Included in this policy is a definition of sexual harassment and the procedures to be followed in reporting sexual harassment.


Fetrow, Elesha
7th Grade Counselor

Phone: 505-892-6630 ext. 338

Stolworthy, Charity
8th Grade Counselor

Phone: 505-892-6630 ext. 335

Cottone, Rebecca
6th Grade Counselor

Phone: 505-892--6630 ext. 334


 "If I could rewind time to my 6th grade self, I would say, if you don't do good now in middle school, it will be harder in high school lepecita entonces has el trabajo!!" Wisdom from a former 6th grader