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<Welcome to New Mexico History and Geography! I have a love of history and hope to instill this love in your student. I am an Air Force Brat; my father served for 26 years and then I married into the Air Force. I have lived in 7 different states and 2 different countries, Germany and Holland. I have traveled to France, Luxembourg, Belgium, England, Mallorca, and the Canary Islands. I am hoping to bring my travels and interactions with different cultures into the classroom to help students learn how to be sensitive and understanding of others.>

August 21-25
Welcome to the 2nd week of school. Last week your students learned of my expectations, school wide rules/expectations, and class rules. This week we will be learning about geography. They will have homework Tuesday night to return on Wednesday. The first side of the worksheet is answering questions regarding reading a map. They may use the internet, globe or world map. The back side is a blank map of the world. They are to label the continents, the oceans, and then color it. 

August 25

Students will be working on a 5 Themes of Geography one pager in class today (it is an in class assignment). They will have today and Monday to finish. The rubric can be found in the Student Social Studies Documents link.

Sept. 9-8: Students need to look at the Google Classroom for an assignment they have due on Friday. We will be doing a New Mexico Map project starting Thursday and will be due on Monday, Sept. 11.
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Sept. 11-15: This week we are learning the reasons why we study history. There is a homework assignment due Thursday. You will find the information under the student social studies documents. Additionally, the PowerPoint used in class can also be found under the SSS Documents link to the left. There will be a Chapter 1 test on Friday. It will be open book/open notes.
Weeks of January 29-February  9. Students are learning about Spanish Land Grants and how they were used. Starting on Thursday students will be working on a group project regarding Land Grants.  Students will learn what it was like to apply for a land grant in the 1700s. The groups will consist of 3-4 students. There will be a written portion, a drawing and they will have to present. The project is due Monday, February 12. Have your students look on Google Classroom to show you the rubric. All work will be done in class. 
After Land Grants students will be learning about the Indian Raids that continued and work on another project. More information to come. 
As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me.