Laura Tucker-Life Science

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7th Grade Life Science-Eagle Ridge Middle School                  

Mrs. Tucker 2016-2017,, 892-6630 extension 411


Being Prepared: What you need to bring to every science class?

  1. Science notebook (this can also be kept in my class)
  2. Pencils (plenty of sharpened pencils with erasers). I do not have lead replacements for mechanical pencils.
  3. Colored Pencils
  4. Agenda
  5. AVID Binder

 Being Organized:

In science you will need two unused composition (wide or college ruled) for the school year. One is required at the start of the school year and the other after winter break.

Resources: I use a variety of resources in my class. Our primary district textbook is called CPO. However, I use this book as one of my resources. I also use several STC books for readings and labs. Everything that you need should be in your science notebook. It is where you do much of your work, keep all of your work and your resource to study. It is very important that they take their notes and make up any missed work.

Making the grade:  What about grades?

How do you earn a good grade in science? Have very good attendance, stay on task in class, do your work, do your best work, ask questions when you do not understand, and turn in your work on time.

Each and every student starts off the grading period with an A in my class. It is the students job to maintain that A.  This school year the science department at ERMS is using two categories for grading: 1) Practice 45% and 2) Assessments 55%. In addition, each semester 10% of the student’s grade is for your district EOC.  

Homework: Will you have homework?

At times, students will be required to complete classroom assignments, which should have been finished in class, as homework.  This is a rare event and will only happen if you do not complete responsibilities in class.

I may give homework or projects from time to time. However, I plan limit the amount of homework in my class this year. With that said I expect my students to be productive in class. In addition, whenever a student misses my class the work needs to be made-up this includes: student that go on field trips, taking standardized testing while my class in continuing or when you are absent.

Late Work: If you snooze you loose: It’s great not to be late.

  • Students are expected to turn in work on time. If work can’t be turned in on time you should talk to me in person.

Absent: School is not the same without you: What if you miss school?

When school is missed learning is lost, so try not to miss school. However, if you are sick you should not come to school.

  • If you are absent, check the Make-Up Folder(s) for the day(s) you were gone as soon as you return. (These are at the back of the classroom in the red crate). The work should have your name on it. Also check the calendar to see what was missed. You might have to work with another student to make up missed work during lunch.
  • Collecting your make-up work is YOUR responsibility, not the teacher’s; forgetting your make-up work does not excuse you!
  • Missed class work should be turned in within three class days. If you have concerns about turning in your work within that time period, please talk to me after class or at lunch.
  • Assignments due on days you were absent will be due as soon as you return, otherwise late work grading policies apply.
  • Missed quizzes and test must be made up during lunch.

 Powerschool and Report Cards: How do you know how you are doing?

  • Good news! Your parent/guardian was provided a login/password at registration in order to log into an on-line system, Powerschool. This allows them to see your grade as soon as the teacher enters them. Report cards are also accessed on Powerschool.

Water and gum:

I highly encourage students to bring refillable water bottles to school. Keeping hydrated helps you learn. Going to the water fountain during class detracts from learning.

Gum is ok as long as it stays in your mouth or in the trash and does not cause any classroom distractions.


Students should use the restroom during scheduled breaks/passing periods if at all possible.  Only ask the teacher to go to the restroom if you can not wait until the next passing period. Student must have teacher permission, sign in/out and use agenda to go to the restroom. Drink breaks are not allowed since student may carry a water bottle.

What is a refocus form? A refocus form is an opportunity for you, the student, to reflect on your behavior. When behavior gets in the way of learning or being respectful, responsible or safe a student is directed to refocus. Students that need to be refocused in most cases will need to call home. Rough housing is not tolerated in my classroom.


Be respectful, responsible and safe at all times