Tania Lovato Consumer Science

Hello My Name Is Tania Lovato   

Welcome to ERMS, Consumer Science class. I have been teaching cooking/culinary arts for 16 years. I love to teach young people how to cook because they can always use the skill. My favorite thing to teach and make is baking and cake decorating. This class used to be known as Home Economics and traditionally taught cooking and sewing. Now along with the name change, we teach many of the skills your child will need to become a successful adult.

This is a fun class. Much of the learning is hands on and in-class. One thing I am extremely strict about is safety. I do not tolerate horsing around, disrespectful behavior and inappropriate use of equipment. If rules are not followed, consequences may result as a warning, email/phone call home, loss of cooking privileges or other disciplinary actions.

Cooking is a passion for me and I look forward to sharing it with the students. They will learn how to make after school snacks, food items for all three meals, and my favorite - dessert! Any student can get extra credit for making any of the items we make in class at home and completing the assignment sheet.

Outcomes of this class are:

  • To read and understand labels and grocery ads
  • Read recipes and follow directions for food preparation
  • Be familiar with cooking tools and their use
  • Understand and practice kitchen safety
  • How to measure accurately
  • How to handle food safely
  • Importance of kitchen cleaning
  • Understand the importance of good nutrition


  • Careers in Culinary Arts
  • Food and Kitchen Safety
  • Measurements/Kitchen Math
  • Kitchen Equipment and Small electronics
  • Food preparations-Snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Nutrition (food guides, label reading)
  • Advertising (packaging, ads)