Spanish I - 8th Grade-Calabaza

Daisy DancesCourse Description
Spanish I at ERMS is proficiency-oriented.  It is based on an integrative approach of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing within a cultural context allowing maximum interaction among students, and between students and teacher.  The students have the opportunities to participate in Spanish simulated real life situations.  Several methods are used: drills, cooperative learning activities, presentations writing, listening and speaking and computer designed practice.  

Goals and Objectives:

The student will be able to:

  1. Listen and comprehend simple questions, commands and specialized vocabulary. 
  2. Read and speak with acceptable intonation and pronunciation. 
  3. Simulate real life situations using appropriate idioms, grammar and vocabulary. 
  4. Create sentences and write paragraphs using appropriate vocabulary and grammar/syntax

Completion of homework assignments is essential to success in this course. This is an effort to better prepare students for the EOC in December. It is imperative that students in Level 1 exhibit diligence with regard to attitude and work ethic. Continuous effort to use the target language is essential. Active participation is a must!


Spanish Level 1: Español Santillana (Santillana USA Publishing Company,Inc.) 

In addition, the following ancillary materials may also be utilized: Total Physical Response storytelling materials, games, skits, short stories, soap operas, songs, and authentic realia such as music, radio announcements, newspapers, magazines, online exercises.