8th Grade Math-Lawrence Vigil

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Lawrence Vigil 


8th Grade Math Teacher
This is my 10th year as a Math Teacher in New Mexico. I will be teaching 8th Grade General Math and Math Intervention. I look Forward to a Great year.

Mod 5 review.docxHere is the study guide for the mid mod assessment Mid mod 4 topic a and b study guide..docx
Here is the end of mod 2 study guide Module 2 study guide (4).docx
Here is the study guide for the test Monday
1 Study Guide fall17.pdf
Here is the review for the end of module assessment on Friday 9/14 Mod 1 Study Guide fall17.pdf
Here is the mid mod review for the test on Friday Mid mod 1 review fixed.docx
Here is the HW for Powers Raised to a Power for 8/21 Numbers in Exponential form Raised to a Power HW.docx
Here are the syllabus for the year 8th math Syllabus 1.docx
Here are the directions to join remind.
remind invite18-19.pdf

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